The purpose of this randomized, Phase 1, placebo controlled vaccine study is to assess the safety and reactogenicity of two doses of an avian flu vaccine, given intranasally, plus one dose of injectable seasonal flu vaccine. The intranasal dose of this vaccine will be tested with and without an adjuvant, and at different antigen dosages.

The vaccine is investigational and has not been approved or licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Approximately 6 months after receiving the new bird flu vaccine in your nose, we will also give an FDA approved bird flu vaccine in a shot.

We are looking for people between 18 and 45 years of age and asking them to come in for 9 visits over the 13 months of the study. The visits will be on day 1, day 8, day 29, day 43, day 57, day 197, day 204, and day 225. There will also be 5 telephone visits. We are also asking to keep your blood specimens for further use after this study. Your compensation for participating in this study will be about $1,725, over the 13 months.

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