Dr. Fiona Muttalib, Dr. Mardi Steere, Dr. Jan Hau Lee, Dr. Sebastián González-Dambrauskas, Dr. Asya Agulnik, Dr. Srinavas Murthy, Dr. Adnan Bhutta, Dr. Neill Adhikari on behalf of the PALISI Global Health Subgroup

Rationale for the survey:  This study aims to describe the current state of pediatric acute care delivery in resource-limited settings using an electronic, multi-country survey. 

Resource-limited settings may be characterized by i. a lack of funds to cover health care costs resulting in limited access to medication, equipment, supplies, devices, ii. less developed infrastructure, iii. fewer trained personnel relative to patient volume, iv. limited availability of equipment, supplies and medication. This may include healthcare centers in low-, low-middle, upper-middle income countries as defined by the World Bank country classification system OR any high-income country healthcare setting in which human and material resources are insufficient to meet the needs of the population. 

Research Question:
The objective of the following questionnaire is to describe the current infrastructure of pediatric acute care in resource-limited settings.

1. To describe the bed capacity, occupancy and staffing of hospital pediatric emergency departments, general wards, intermediate care or high dependency units (HDUs) and intensive care units (ICUs).

2. To describe the availability of basic and advanced acute care resources in the hospital wards.

3. To describe the frequency of use of triage systems and pediatric clinical protocols.

By responding to this questionnaire, you are indicating your consent to participate in this study.

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