This is an IRB approved, multi-center registry examining the use of any vasopressor in shock (IRB approval # HP-00084946). To decrease reporting bias, institutions should report consecutive patients who have received vasopressors. We are currently interested in the subgroup of consecutive patients who 1) are COVID-19 positive and received conventional vasopressors, 2) are COVID-19 positive and received Angiotensin II, or 3) received Angiotensin II for any reason. Your institution does not need to have Angiotensin II on formulary to participate. Specifically, we will be retrospectively comparing outcomes in institutions who already utilize the Landoni Protocol as standard of care against outcomes in institutions who do not utilize this protocol for the treatment of shock. For your reference, a copy of the Landoni Protocol is provided below.

If you would like to enter clinical data into this registry, please enter the following information below and the study's Principal Investigators, Jonathan H. Chow and Michael T. McCurdy, will contact you.

REDCap stands for Research Electronic Data Capture. The purpose of REDCap is to provide medical researchers with a professionally managed, secure, web based, HIPAA compliant environment for building and managing databases and registries. It was developed by Vanderbilt University and funded by NIH so that researchers can do quality research, both securely and effectively.

REDCap servers are managed by the Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Center (CTRIC) at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and are guarded by multiple firewall and intrusion detection systems. All electronic connections to the REDCap environment are encrypted. The REDCap production system is comprised of a web server front-end and a MySQL database server back-end. The web server resides in a demilitarized zone to ensure that registry participants are able to access REDCap surveys from any device connected to the Internet. The MySQL server back-end resides in the protected subnet that is guarded by UMB maintained firewalls. All data is encrypted and stored on this secure, fully HIPPA compliant server. This registry has all the necessary physical and operational securities in place to meet or exceed Federal and State security and privacy regulations for data transmission and storage.

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